Save the Tatas – Lowkey car show

The Lowk3y Team is proud to be hosting another “Save The Tatas” Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser! This year we got the city involved! Come enjoy a day out in of front of High Points new baseball stadium while enjoying Stock and Grains spectacular food choices. Not to mention some great bars within close distance as High Point also believes in the social district. So what could be better than a brew, some nice cars, and supporting the tatas. Who doesn’t love a good set of those?
This is all about raising money for the those with cancer and cancer research. All donations and proceeds will go directly to Pink Ribbon and Loveline programms if the Hayworth Cancer Center. The city is allowing me to make a little noise for this event so we will be be allowing a few sound demos! This does NOT mean everyone is allowed to play music for the whole event. Our staff will direct the owners when they can play it LOUD! Last year we raised about 4 thousand dollars, this year I’d like to get over 5. Let’s show the community the positive side to being car enthusiasts. We have to show that we aren’t all reckless and love to give back to our community in ANY WAY WE CAN and that we can do much more than destroy property. We will be the example of what it means to be REAL enthusiasts and not these kids ruining the community.
We’ll have 2 sections of parking:
VIP $30 (which is on street parking)
General Admission $20 (parking lot parking)
We will be allowing late roll in parking but it will be AFTER registered vehicles have entered.
You will be able to donate any amount at the time of ticket purchase!
Custom Save-The-Tatas decals will also be available for purchase.
All donations will come with a custom lanyard and bracelet.
So come on out have a good time, save the tatas and enjoy an evening in High Point, NC
See ya there!
-Mr. Lowk3y
Date + Time

October 21, 2023

1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Stock + Grain Assembly