Soviero’s holiday Kokedama Class

Soviero’s Tri-County Garden Center is hosting a holiday class at Stock + Grain Assembly demonstrating Kokedama – a fun way to display indoor plants. Attendees will also learn how to make fancy paper stars for the holiday season.

Cost of $49 includes instruction and all materials to create your own kokedama for gift giving or your own holiday decor.

Kokedama is a fun way to display indoor plants with a fresh organic feeling and impressive provenance. Kokedama originated with the Nearai bonsai method, an art form centuries old. It refers to plants grown so compact and tightly that, when removed from a container, they hold well-grown roots and soil, forming a compact ball. The root balls are then wrapped in moss and held together with twine or wire. The Japanese words “koke” (moss) and “dama” (ball) perfectly describe the appearance of wrapped plants, whether root-bound or newly potted specimens.

Date + Time

December 10, 2023

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Stock + Grain Assembly