Ziggy’s Stages: Will Easter Trio

Coming of age in the shadow of the Saura town Mountains, Will Easter learned the family traditions; working hard, enjoying life, and playing music. His father and grandfather instilled in him their gifts, talents, work ethic, and love for the nature surrounding their home. These lessons combined with inspiration from the wild calm of the land and steady roar of the river impressed on Will’s heart the inspiration for his masterful lyrics and music. Will embraced their gifts, combining them with his love and appreciation for many genres, crafting his own unique sound. You can call it “Sauratown Mountain Folk.” You can call it “Grunge Grass.”Regardless, when you listen to his album, Carolina Home, you can hear his fearless vulnerability in every note and lyric. The last few years have been incredible for Will. He has shared the stage with acts synonymous with Folk and Bluegrass like the legendary Jim Avett, David Childers, Time Sawyer, Brooks Forsyth, The Kruger Brothers, Rhonda Vincent and Danger Muffin. In 2018 he earned his bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University, and in 2019 he recorded and released Carolina Home. From Boone and Asheville to the Triad and Charlotte, Will has become a staple of music venues and festivals throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. With a piece of every place woven into each song, his music has something for everyone, while paying homage to his roots. The road ahead for Will is exciting. Won’t you join him on this sonic journey from coming of age to love lost and found, working hard while finding peace in the every day, always culminating in the winding road leading to his Carolina Home?
Date + Time

September 28, 2023

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm